Empower Yourself with Knowledge of English
Now Phagwara children will stay no more behind when it comes to English. The best IELTS institute in Phagwara has been opened to let you get an excellent command over English language.

What is IELTS?
It stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a kind of test that evaluates one’s proficiency in English, specifically to those people who want to study or work in the environment where English is primarily used to communicate. This is an international level test which standard is higher. Joining an institution lets you get success in the test.

IELTS Test Format
The test assesses one’s skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening within 3 hours. There are two test formats- General and Academic Training. Reading, listening and writing should be over in a day with no breaks during the test. The order of these tests may be different. The different between IELTS for General Training and Academic is related to the subject matter of writing and reading.
Under Listening test, you get 30 minutes. There are four recorded texts, conversation and monologues by native speaker. Candidates have to listen carefully to write answers related to the recordings.
Academic writing test is for 6o minutes, includes long texts for reading. They are taken from magazines, journals and books.
Speaking test is about 11 to 14 minutes assess speaking fluency. The test is recorded. A particular topic is provided to candidates to speak on it.
For more details of IELTS Test Format, you can visit the IELTS website.

IELTS Benefits for Workers
Many companies across the world trust on IELTS test result. The test helps organization to hire the right people. For individuals, it opens the door of success. It enhances their resume and shows their perfection in English. Individuals with IELTS certificate can able to get special preference for jobs.

IELTS Benefits for Academic
IELTS academic provides benefits from studying undergraduate to postgraduate levels. It assists in building confidence of candidates to qualify GRE, MAT, CAT and several other exams. IELTS general training allows candidates to get migration to English speaking countries for further studies.

Benefits of Joining our IELTS Coaching in Phagwara
Our coaching institution focuses on making your knowledge for English strong. From writing, speaking, listening to reading, each and every aspect is covered by our team of experts. They analyse skills of students and guide according to it. Weak to strong points of the candidates are discovered and ready to offer individual guidance if necessary.

  • Learning through systematic approach
  • Measure your efficiency with mock tests
  • Get guidance from experts, clear your doubts on go
  • Learn examination skills and techniques
  • Prepare yourself for the IELTS test
  • Capable to avoid common mistakes in English

To learn more about our IELTS Institute in Phagwara, contact us. We feel pleasure to assist you with our best.


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