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Get Admission to the Best Spoken English Institute in Phagwara
“I can walk English I can talk English” the famous dialogue of a leading actor (Amitabh Bachchan) in one of his film is still very popular in India. The impact of western culture and the demand of English fluency don’t let people to forget the dialogue. Be it a job of receptionist, nurse, teacher, customer care executive, manager, CEO or office clerk, each and every sector needs English speaking persons.

From small to big corporate, it is always noticed that an employee who is fluent in English can able to leave an employee behind in the race of promotion and reputation who has little knowledge of the language. It seems partiality but you hardly capable to raise your voice against it.

Our reputed spoken English institute in Phagwara provides you with the opportunity to stay ahead through innovative style English speaking courses. The city now can witness of youngsters who can speak English fluently. Our institute is not like other normal spoken English institutes. We have a panel of experts who teach you the art to speak in English in a short span of time. A systematic learning pattern is followed to improve your speaking ability. We don’t promise of any magical change but promise to make you confident enough in speaking English confidently.

Steps to Learning English
To get the best command over the language, it is must for you to always in touch of it. There are 3 proven ways- Reading, Listening and Speaking. At our centre, the lesson has been designed in the way that it gives you practice in all three areas at the same time. There are 3 more important qualities that you cannot forget to speak in English well. They are:

  • Identify
  • Understand
  • Integrate

Our spoken English Coaching in Phagwara gives value these standards of teaching. We encourage each child to read more, listen English news and speak in front of people by taking the fear out from your mind.

Did you know a large number of people in India and other countries speak grammatically wrong English? Therefore you don’t need to feel worry that you speaking grammatically right or wrong. After a few months practice, you can start speaking English with no grammar error. It helps you to get good score in verbal exams conducted during CAT, MAT, GRE etc… You can able to take part in group discussions confidently.

Our Course Material
Our goal is to help you learn English better so you can speak fluently.

  • Basic of English speaking for beginners using common expressions
  • Build basic grammar skills strong pertaining to speaking
  • Teach how to say and what to say in your regular or daily conversation
  • Help to learn idioms and make the vocabulary strong
  • Prepare you for business and office environment
  • Work on taking the hesitation out from your mind

Who can Join?
The course can be joined by people of any age group. There is no age limit for learning. We understand this very well. So, don’t hesitate, enrol your name with us. We offer affordable English speaking programs.


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